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The Croydon Arts Show

Dec 9, 2018

Interviews with Tim Eveleigh from Croydon Comedy Festival ‏and Katie Brandwood and Catriona Mahmoud from Screen25 about creating Stand Up Film Club with David Lean Cinema for BFI Comedy Genius Season #bficomedy

Stand Up Film Club

Screen25 Screenings -

Ed Night...

Nov 2, 2018

An interview with Shri Sriram - Artistic Director of Croydon Composers about their work and concerts at The Oval Tavern 3rd November and Boxpark 2nd December.

Croydon Composers
Twitter: @croydoncomposer

Oct 14, 2018

An interview with Ed/Edalia Day about their show Super Hamlet 64 at Heart of Gaming and one with Nick and Carrie Smith from The Ludoquist who are coming up to their first year in Croydon

Super Hamlet 64 at Heart Of Gaming
Twitter: @eddydaylia

Oct 9, 2018

Interview about ASC studios in The Grafton Quarter, Grafton Rd and info about other studio space in Croydon plus news about the arts in Croydon and Black History Month.

ASC - Artists Studio Company
Twitter: @ascstudios

Rich Simmons

Jul 24, 2018

Interviews with two Community interest groups based in Croydon who are both having some of their events in Boxpark - Josi Kiss from Made In Croydon and Darren Randon from Well Versed Ink

Made In Croydon
Twitter: @MadeCroydon

Well Versed...